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Website Design

We create our websites from scratch using the best design techniques in the business. Our designs use the finest elements of typography, usability, optimization, and colour profiles. Our graphic designs are custom-made and will scale without distortion across web and print. We always supply you with the original Photoshop or Illustrator files.

When our creative team is working on your website design it will make sure to impress and intrigue your prospects. We have a full line of custom web design services for both online and off-line media. We complete all work in time, and executives participate in every project. Our top-to-bottom teamwork philosophy not only makes our work unique, it also guarantees that we match your brand profile to your customers’ expectations—a critical step in perception marketing.

In nature, colours are well-balanced. Our colour palettes are built around photographs and colours from nature it’s the stepping stone to building your corporate colour profile. Nature-based colours have a timeless quality.

We code valid CSS and XHTML. This helps your website on many levels ─ it loads faster, is understood by search engine spiders, works in all browsers, and is very easy to integrate with any CMS such as Wordpress.

A web design that matches your company’s brand, while engaging your target audience, takes work.

SRV InfoTech believes that an effective web design isn’t just about the design. While a look that brings out the best in your brand and attracts your target audience is essential, there is more behind the design than the colors, typography, and visual elements.

Our designers work with our Internet Marketing team to ensure the design is not just a perfect representation of your company, but also an effective marketing tool.

We’re a leading Internet Marketing, Web Design and Web Development firm because of our excellent track record and the global recognition we’ve received for our work.

There are many questions that need to be answered that most business owners don’t think of when planning to launch a web site or web presence. SRV InfoTech makes sure that all project details are defined before creating one pixel of a client’s web site.


The reasons to use valid CSS and XHTML are many. From fast load times of your website, to SEO of your code, to easy of use, to fast and easy updates to your site, to the ability for disabled people and mobil user to access your site properly, to working on all browsers and future proofing your investment.

 Fast Site Wide Changes

One of the main reasons we use CSS is to have the ability to quickly update and modify your website layout to optimize user experience and product click-through.

 Web Standard Compliant

We always produce standard compliant CSS and XHTML. We work with many backend developers and programmers to make sure your code is tested across many platforms.

 Fast Loading Websites

Studies have found that most people won’t wait more than 4-5 seconds for a page to load before leaving a website. We make sure this doesn’t happen.

 Cross Browser Usability

The code we produce is tested across all modern browsers for compatibility.

 Only custom web designs, never templated

Our skilled professionals design your web sites from your dreams.

Mobile Website Design

 Is your website compatible for mobile devices?

Usually websites appear to be all jumbled up or are very difficult to navigate through, when accessed via a mobile phone or a smart phone. Try opening your existing website on your Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Nokia or any other mobile phone that you use. You will see that the experience of browsing your site is not the same, when viewed on a Desktop or a Laptop.

With the tremendous increase in the number of mobile phone users accessing the internet on their handhelds, it is important for the website owners to get a mobile version for their websites

We can help you with this!

At SRV InfoTech, we offer top-notch mobile web design services to help you reach your scattered target audience easily. The mobile version of the website that we design and develop can be-

Easily accessed on smart phone browsers such as the Blackberry, iPhone, Andorid and Nokia

Accessed on a variety of browser dimensions ranging from the smaller screens to the more popular larger screens (128 x 160 pixels, 176 x 220 pixels, 240 x 320 pixels and 320 x 480 pixels) Used as an information dissemination platform for people accessing your website from a mobile phone. Programmed to fetch information from existing databases.

Which mobile Operating System fits your business website?

Why Mobile Sites:

Some areas where these most helpful are,

Corporate websites

Pricing Display

Store/Dealer Locations

Tickets Bookings

Events Calendar

Google Map Location plotting

Contacts or People Directory

Contact Forms


Messaging Sites

E-commerce (Mobile Commerce)