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Website Development

The biggest strength of the Internet lies in the technological underpinning it possesses. We at SRV InfoTech recognize the role played by technology and Internet enabled software in converting simple static websites to powerful applications oriented dynamic value centers. The use of database management techniques, structured back-ends and easy-to-use customer interfaces make the site an interactive, two-way communication and transaction channel between the organization and its target group.

Our web development team consists of web developers who develop programs as per clients’ needs. Provides single permanent solution to secondary assignments through graphic designers and information systems technicians. Services are provided as per clients’ requirements and budget to the best of our efforts.

We make use of latest Linux platforms to build practical and easy-to-implement applications for our clients' websites. These range from Knowledge Management kits, Discussion Boards and Data Libraries to Shopping Carts and Payment Gateways. The company specializes in offering customized solutions to clients which suit their business needs best.

At SRV InfoTech we take an inclusive and consultative approach to web development. All our website development projects involve a lot of input and consultation with the customer and stakeholders at every stage of the web design process. The consultation starts very early in our website development process. As the customer first contacts us, we take great care in understanding the customers’ requirement. We make sure that we understand their business, business model and what exactly they require from their website design and website development.

In other words, we believe in the evolution of simple websites to interactive cost saving and revenue generating centers.

Review the outline below to get an idea of what to expect during your web development project:

Project Planning

  • Development Window/Timetable for Deliverables
  • Basic Project Description: outlined by client
  • Project Budget
  • Site Objective: What return do you expect from the site?
  • Site Maintenance: Who will perform ongoing maintenance updates to the site?
  • Target Market/End-User:
      Who? Knowing who your potential customers are enables us to implement different stylings that appeal to various demographics. Your web site should draw your potential customers in and invite them to find out more about your business, and ultimately, purchase your products/services.
      - Define: style, colors, photos used? Logo, etc. - How many end users?
  • End-user Browser/Platform/Monitor/Device LCD:
      - Max Size/Width of page?
      - Code Standard: XHTML 1.0 or HTML?
      - Style sheets/Font sizes, colors, weights?
      - Site compatibility: Mac/PC/Unix?
      - Browser Compatibility?
      - Bandwidth limitations of target audience?
  • Site Architecture:
    • define site map (navigation), estimate number of static pages/dynamic page templates to be developed.
  • Interface Interactivity Features:
      - JavaScript, multimedia embedding, dropdown menus, etc.
  • Flash & Multimedia Elements:
      flash, shockwave, sound files, streaming video, etc.
  • Will site accept banner ads, text ads, and other types of advertising?
  • Domain Name & Hosting:
      SRV InfoTech will research and register the chosen Domain Name and hosting package which are suitable for your needs
      - Domain Name/URL.
      - Hosting
      - Special hosting features.
  • browser testing & site posting
    • SRV InfoTech tests all web sites for basic browser/platform compatibility. Client may specify a wide array of browsers and platforms that the web site must be compatible with.

To-Do before designing a site

1. No traffic = no business
Conduct traffic research for all phrases that relate to your niche

2. Do Competitive Research
know the strength & weakness of your competitors before engaging in the design process

3. Can you Lead Your Web Niche
do not compete in a well established web niche with a leader & underdog without serious advice.

4. On Page SEO Planning
get advice from an SEM as on page factors may affect your rank & cost you more in future

Website Planning

5. Target 1-2 keywords per page
use keywords in titles, headings, text, links & menus without over stuffing

6. One Clear Message
don't confuse customer with too many messages - visitors read much less than you think

7. Use an Effective Marketing Differentiator
95% of businesses messages are proven to be ineffective eg. good portfolio, good qualifications

8. Plan your pages
Prepare - you will save money on text & design changes later & get better result from the designer.

9. Pick your colours wisely
not everyone likes bright purple, green or pink, web designers should advise you on colour match.

10. Think of the customer
the website is not about you its about the customer, so answer their questions quickly

11. Make frequently requested info easy to find
always provide the most likely viewed content in the fewest number of clicks.

12. Plan your space wisely
with a wall of text, use white space wisely.

13. Keep Pages Clean
you have 5 seconds to impress a new visitor - keep your page clean

Post Development Checks

14. Test Forms & Site Processes
Use someone that doesn't know your website to test site processes & rectify any difficulties pre launch.

15. Have a website promotion plan
SEMs should advise you on the appropriate levels of promotion you require in social news, ezines, directories etc.

16. Check Traffic capabilities
ensure your site is hosted on a server that can cope with the expected demands & in the same country as the user.

17. Check Security ensure you have carried out basic security checks & locked to all code written.

This guide has been created through many years of web design experience - and shows the key processes to web success.

What can we do for you?

SRV InfoTech Corporate Web design Team provides free keyword research to all customers

SRV InfoTech Corporate Web Design Team offers low cost web marketing consultancy

SRV InfoTech SEO Consultant will tell you how likely you are to succeed and the costs involved

SRV InfoTech SEO Consultant will help you with full site preparation

SRV InfoTech Corporate Web Design Team will help with your unique marketing message

SRV InfoTech Corporate Web Design Team will provide you with a marketing plan tailored to your business

Corporate web design guarantee

All corporate web designs are guaranteed against any coding defect

Copyright will be fully transferred to our client upon completion

All websites are unique designs, handcrafted and matching your corporate identity

Development support

We provide development services with the most common programming languages like PHP, database driven systems with mySQL or any other SQL database, and jQuery javascript frameworks for convenient and visually appealling effects to create an outstanding corporate website design.

The Differences

We Listen.

 We listen to what you want and work with you to develop the best possible product. We aim to make this process both simple and rewarding.

We Create.

 We take pride in designing unique websites that are personalised to suit your needs. You won’t find stock templates or reused designs with us.

We Build.

 We get the technical aspects right the first time. With our expertise and experience your website will work effectively and efficiently anywhere on the web.

We Maintain.

 Our partnership extends beyond the initial design and development of your website. We are always available to provide ongoing assistance and advice.