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E-Commerce Websites

Today, the internet proves to be the most dominant, cheap and convenient tool in the business world for day to day business transactions & the amount of trade conducted electronically has grown manifold since the spread of the Internet. E-commerce has completely revolutionized the system of communication and has transformed the way consumers purchase goods & services. All corporate sectors like Banking, Insurance, Pharmacy etc. run their daily business activities through the internet and are highly reliant on e-commerce.

SRV InfoTech’s philosophy is simple. We make websites that work better for your business.

The world is watching, your ecommerce competitors are taking notes, and your customers are looking elsewhere. Your ecommerce website needs to look great, work perfectly and be seen easily. With new government legislation on website accessibility and an increasingly demanding audience, you need a company that can deliver a web site that will really punch its weight in the marketplace.

We Can Help

SRV InfoTech helps you build just more than a shopping cart. We assist organizations in building intelligent marketing sites that drive electronic commerce based on flexible and proactive sales strategies. We combine organizational sales, marketing and warehouse intelligence to create perpetually driven commerce engine.

We work closely with our clients, getting involved from the ground up – from initial brainstorming and concept development, through website design and build, all the way to ecommerce web design, SEO and hosting. Having everything under one roof means you can confidently leave us to make your business boom on the internet.

Our e-commerce applications leverage the power of the following features:

Shopping Features:

100% Customizable

Cross Selling/Up Selling/ Deep Selling

Gifting/Gift Registry options

Search Engine Friendly

Membership Options

Shopper Reviews/Ratings

Wish Lists

Online Orders Status

Advanced Product Search

Multiple Currency Modes

Cartage Calculators

Coupon engines

Elaborate Categories

Streamlined Check Out

Effective Cart Management

Member Management

100% Secure Transactions

Administrative Features:

Efficient Order Management

Member Management Modules

Orders Tracking

Product Options

Inventory Management

Report Generation

Email Marketing

Add/Update Products

Upload Images

Customize Pages

Email Notification

Secure Login

Simple Administrative Interface

The factors that make our e-commerce solutions stand out from the ones prevalent in the market are:

Streamlined code

Quick check out process

Better product options

Effective Inventory management

Real time credit card processing

Advanced customization functionalities

Simple to use administration interface

Quick search and order management capabilities

Why Us?

Once your site is up and running, SRV InfoTech’s involvement won’t stop. We’ll help you promote your site, through online and offline marketing. We’ll show you the market trends, where your target market is and how to get your site in front of the right people.

Security features

We offer you very attractive yet affordable ecommerce solutions that help you achieve your desired profitability & customer service, reducing overheads, and achieving revenues that you always dreamt of. In addition to Bespoke or customized solutions, we also integrate several Off-the-shelf online shopping carts that are available free of cost or at a nominal price.

The application that we have customized and integrated for our clients


Our ecommerce solutions suit the widest audience, however they can be difficult to administer for a beginner to a software application.