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SRV VPS Hosting Service

The VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server) services of SRV InfoTech offer you full control and access over applications at reduced costs. The solutions are fully managed and laced up with 24 hour support and customer centric operations. Leveraging the technical expertise of the team and superior cutting edge technology, SRV InfoTech gives your business an impetus of secure, reliable, cost effective, stable and efficient.

Our VPS services enable higher control and access over accounts and applications. Completely scalable, the resources are unlimited, secured and fully redundant. You can increase the supply of resources in accordance with your needs while paying only for your usage. Data security, full control, dedicated resources, Intel processors are some of the unique specialties of SRV InfoTech’s Virtual Private Servers.

Our Virtual Private Server Packages

Features VPS One VPS Two VPS Three VPS Four
Product Code SRV12VH1 SRV12VH2 SRV12VH3 SRV12VH4
Disk space 20 GB 30 GB 40 GB 50 GB
Monthly Bandwidth 1000 GB 1300 GB 1600 GB 1900 GB
Guaranteed RAM 768 MB 1024 MB 1536 MB 2048 MB
Equal Share CPU Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dedicated IP Address 2 2 2 2
Root Access Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fully Managed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free Migration Yes Yes Yes Yes
cPanel/Plesk* Yes Yes Yes Yes
100Mbps Ports Yes Yes Yes Yes
Daily VPS backup Yes Yes Yes Yes
Choice of DC Chicago, Dallas, Seattle and Washington DC
Choice of OS CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora
Setup Fee Free Free Free Free
Monthly Charge Rs. 3000 Rs. 3500 Rs. 4000 Rs. 5000
Yearly Charge (Two Months Free) Rs. 30000 Rs. 35000 Rs. 40000 Rs. 50000

Note: All prices listed are in INR. Currency conversion is available upon request.