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SRV InfoTech SMS Packages

We offer a range of Two-Way text messaging services which offer different features, message rate (capacity) and have different costs. In every case the incoming Mobile Originated (MO) messages can be delivered back to you by HTTP, SMTP or as an SMS to your Mobile Phone. Two-way SMS Service allows you to receive SMS via our web interface or on your mobile or even on your database or any http URL

Dynamic Bulk SMS

Volume Rate in INR Code Buy
1000 1.00 SRV12SD1
10000 0.25 SRV12SD2
50000 0.20 SRV12SD3
100000 0.19 SRV12SD4
2 Lakh 0.18 SRV12SD5
3 Lakh 0.17 SRV12SD6
5 Lakh 0.16 SRV12SD7
10 Lakh 0.15 SRV12SD8

High Priority Bulk SMS

Volume Rate in INR Code Buy
1000 0.70 SRV12SP1
10000 0.25 SRV12SP2
50000 0.17 SRV12SP3
100000 0.14 SRV12SP4
2 Lakh 0.12 SRV12SP5
3 Lakh 0.11 SRV12SP6
5 Lakh 0.10 SRV12SP7
10 Lakh 0.09 SRV12SP8

Normal Bulk SMS

Volume Rate in INR Code Buy
1000 0.50 SRV12SN1
10000 0.20 SRV12SN2
50000 0.15 SRV12SN3
100000 0.12 SRV12SN4
2 Lakh 0.10 SRV12SN5
3 Lakh 0.09 SRV12SN6
5 Lakh 0.08 SRV12SN7
10 Lakh 0.07 SRV12SN8

Short Code and Long Code

Short code is a 5 or 6 digit number which can be used for lead generation. Long Code is a 10 digit virtual Mobile Number. You simply choose a keyword that relates to your company, product or service. We will setup the info you want to convey to the customers through SMS. Then simply publicize the keyword through your existing press, radio, TV and outdoor campaigns.

With our service, only a ‘single additional line’ is needed to help you evaluate which type of ad, when and where the ad made an impact, rate of viewership, etc. And can make your customer base stronger by promotional offers, running SMS based contests, offering customer loyalty coupons etc. Such as: ‘SMS now and get a discount coupon’, ‘SMS now and WIN’, ‘Reverse Bidding (The customer has to guess the lowest unique number), Quizzes, ‘Loyalty points’ (Can be fully managed by sending the bill number as an SMS to our short code). You can also offer contact details, product information etc. Potential customers can interact with your advertising campaigns by sending an SMS message and your chosen keyword to our mobile short code/ Long Code.

Details of Short Code 542423, 54242, 56767.( pricing for 1 keyword & Unlimited Sub Keywords)


Validity Amount Code Buy
1 Month Rs. 900 SRV12SK1
3 Months Rs. 2700 SRV12SK2
6 Months Rs. 5400 SRV12SK3


Validity Amount Code Buy
1 Month Rs. 1500 SRV12SK4
3 Months Rs. 4500 SRV12SK5
6 Months Rs. 9000 SRV12SK6


Validity Amount Code Buy
1 Month Rs. 2500 SRV12SK7
3 Months Rs. 7500 SRV12SK8
6 Months Rs. 15000 SRV12SK9