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Our People

Since the company was founded over 4 years ago, our greatest strength has been our ability to share skills and creativity with our clients. Our working culture thrives on differences, but our people share a number of essential qualities. Our workforce is exceptionally diverse. Our close-knit project teams bring together a rich variety of skills, experiences and perspectives. We see our diversity as a vital strategic advantage and actively seek to build on it by attracting talented individuals from a wide range of cultural, geographic and educational backgrounds. Our priority: making sure that all our employees develop rewarding careers with us.

Our Commitment to Our People

At SRV InfoTech, we recognize that people are our key asset. That’s why we have developed numerous programs and practices that demonstrate our commitment to attracting the most creative and highly qualified professionals in the world.

SRV InfoTech’s People Charter aims to bring consistency to the way we recruit, motivate and develop talent. We make every effort to create a working culture and environment that inspires our people to stay with us.

Health and Safety at SRV InfOTech

Health and Safety in the workplace is an important feature of human resources and facilities management. Fortunately, the Group’s businesses do not involve high-risk activities. Health and Safety responsibilities are taken very seriously and the company has specific processes in place. At a minimum across the Group we abide by all local Health and Safety legal requirements. Our Health and Safety policies are focused on information, instruction and training covering.

Learning & Development

Today, learning is more vital than ever. By cultivating the talents and capabilities of our employees, SRV InfoTech is always prepared to meet the needs of the market. Our priority is to develop and retain a highly skilled, collaborative and agile workforce capable of creative thinking and exceptional performance.