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About → Our Culture

Are you experienced?

Great ideas can come from anywhere. SRV InfoTech’s culture is based on creating the best environment to foster teamwork, innovation and openness at every level. We are all aiming for the same thing - being the best at what we do. To do that, we place a lot of emphasis on the way we work together and sharing expertise across the company.

Our culture is based on partnership. Partnerships understood as being mutually beneficial, last. If you like to work that way, you are going to love us.

We take our work seriously. We take succeeding for our clients seriously. But we make sure that we enjoy it along the way. We take great stock in assuring that our clients business culture and our own fit together, and in making sure those clients understand how we work and believe in the same things we do.

Our Word is Important to Us

Maintaining our culture means that whilst ensuring there are many things that we do, that there are some things we just do not do. We do not do aggression, we do not do shouting, and we do not promise what we cannot deliver. Sometimes this means being clever about the way in which we deliver to deadlines, and being pragmatic with our clients about what can be delivered. Sometimes it means telling a client that something cannot be done. Whatever the situation, our approach is always honest, pragmatic and forthright. We understand that you can't build positive relationships based on promises that will not - or are not likely to be delivered.

We value Mutual Relationships

In short, our culture fosters honesty, pragmatism, mutual respect, openness, integrity, quality and fun. All our relationships are based on these factors, and if we feel that a prospective client's culture is out of kilter with these critical elements, we feel so strongly about them that we will not take the work on. Cultures have to match or melt together, and if they do not, the project journey is not fun for anyone. We want our clients to enjoy working with us, and for our team to enjoy working with our clients.

We are Proud of our work

We know how important it is to understand your business. We don't just pay lip service to work with you, we're passionate about it. We don't just have tick lists, but proven processes that work. We don't just have skill, commitment, diligence and focus, but take those talents the extra mile. We don't just become your supplier, but your partner. So what can you expect from us? Great creative and technical ideas? Yes. Based on the down to earth principle of achieving your objectives? Always. With highly effective and efficient project and account management to ensure we're on brief, on brand, on budget and on time... every time.